Rebecca Skeeles, Esq.


Rebecca Skeeles has long been a leader in the business world of Columbus, Ohio. She has served as the VP of Sales for her family’s countertop manufacturing company, Skeeles Manufacturing Incorporated and is a graduate of the Capital University School of Law. In her capacity as an attorney, Rebecca spent time working with the Ohio State Bar Association, as a Member Services Consultant. She became their go-to person with educating their members about CaseMaker®. CaseMaker® is a suite of research tools used by attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals. After Ms. Skeeles left her position at the OSBA, she continued her relationship with CaseMaker®. She is contracted as a Public Speaker and Educator with CaseMaker®, traveling to a different Bar association or legal conference to host seminars about once a month. Recently, she has expanded her career as an attorney. She is becoming more and more involved in several facets of Ohio law. Areas of the law in which she is operating are Equine Law, contracts, purchases and liens.

Working in Equine Law is a perfect fit for Rebecca Skeeles, as she grew up on a horse farm in Delaware County, Ohio. Horses have been a huge part of Rebecca’s life and still are to this day. As a child, she learned all she could about the caring for, training and riding horses. In high school, she shared her knowledge with others by giving lessons to other girls interested in horses. She has had enjoyed success in the competitive horse showing circuit.